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Science and Religion Around the World by John Hedley Brooke, Ronald L. Numbers[PDF]


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Ebook Details

Title: Science and Religion Around the World
Language: English
Year: 2011
Author(s): John Hedley Brooke, Ronald L. Numbers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Identifier: 0195328205,9780195328202
Format: pdf
Filesize: 1.2M
Pages: 335

Ebook Description

The past quarter-century has seen an explosion of interest in the history of science and religion. But all too often the scholars writing it have focused their attention almost exclusively on the Christian experience, with only passing reference to other traditions of both science and faith. At a time when religious ignorance and misunderstanding have lethal consequences, such provincialism must be avoided and, in this pioneering effort to explore the historical relations of what we now call “science” and “religion,” the authors go beyond the Abrahamic traditions to examine the way nature has been understood and manipulated in regions as diverse as ancient China, India, and sub-Saharan Africa. Science and Religion around the World also provides authoritative discussions of science in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — as well as an exploration of the relationship between science and the loss of religious beliefs. The narratives included in this book demonstrate the value of plural perspectives and of the importance of location for the construction and perception of science-religion relations.


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