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Scrotal Pathology by Michele Bertolotto, Carlo Martinoli, Lorenzo E. Derchi (auth.), Michele Bertolotto, Carlo Trombetta (eds.)[PDF]


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Ebook Details

Title: Scrotal Pathology
Language: English
Year: 2012
Author(s): Michele Bertolotto, Carlo Martinoli, Lorenzo E. Derchi (auth.), Michele Bertolotto, Carlo Trombetta (eds.)
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Identifier: 3642124550,9783642124556,3642124569,9783642124563
Format: pdf
Filesize: 18.1M
Pages: 380
Edition: 1
Series: Medical Radiology – Diagnostic Imaging)
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-12456-3

Ebook Description

Scrotal Pathology is a comprehensive practical guide to the management of patients who present with scrotal disorders. Introductory chapters consider imaging instrumentation, clinical evaluation, and clinical and imaging anatomy. The full range of disorders is then discussed in individual chapters organized according to clinical presentation. All clinical and imaging aspects are covered in depth, with full description of symptoms and explanation of the value of different clinical tests and imaging modalities. In addition, underlying histopathological features are presented and correlated with imaging features in order to clarify their pathological basis. For each disorder, therapeutic strategies are discussed and appraised. Adults and children are considered separately whenever necessary, bearing in mind that they often present essentially different scrotal pathology. The many images are all of high quality and were obtained using high-end equipment.

Table Of Contents

Front Matter….Pages i-xvi
Instrumentation, Technical Requirements: US….Pages 1-15
Instrumentation, Technical Requirements: MRI….Pages 17-26
Anatomy of the Scrotum….Pages 27-34
Clinical Evaluation of Scrotal Disease….Pages 35-40
Sonographic Scrotal Anatomy….Pages 41-54
Scrotal Anatomy at MRI….Pages 55-66
Scrotal Trauma: Mechanisms, Presentation and Management….Pages 67-71
Imaging Scrotal Trauma….Pages 73-84
Acute Scrotal Pain: Clinical Features….Pages 85-89
Acute Scrotal Pain: Management….Pages 91-97
Imaging Acute Scrotal Pain in Adults: Torsion of the Testis and Appendages….Pages 99-109
Imaging Acute Scrotal Pain in Adults-2: Inflammation and Other Disorders….Pages 111-124
Imaging Acute Scrotal Pain in Children….Pages 125-137
Painless Scrotal Lumps: Classification and Clinics….Pages 139-149
Painless Scrotal Lumps: Current Therapeutic Approach and Follow-up….Pages 151-162
Imaging Scrotal Lumps in Adults: Tumors….Pages 163-177
Imaging Scrotal Lumps in Adults-2: Cysts and Fluid Collections….Pages 179-189
Imaging Scrotal Lumps in Children….Pages 191-206
The Infertile Male-1: Clinical Features….Pages 207-216
The Infertile Male-2: Sperm Analysis….Pages 217-221
The Infertile Male-3: Endocrinological Evaluation….Pages 223-240
The Infertile Male-4: Management of Obstructive Azoospermia….Pages 241-248
The Infertile Male-5: Management of Non-Obstructive Azoospermia….Pages 249-259
Imaging the Infertile Male-1: Varicocele….Pages 261-273
Imaging the Infertile Male-2: Obstructive Syndromes and Other Disorders….Pages 275-287
Undescended Testis: Prevalence and Clinical Features….Pages 289-293
The Undescended Testis Management: Microsurgery and Laparoscopy….Pages 295-300
Imaging the Undescended Testis….Pages 301-312
Incidental Scrotal Findings at Imaging-1: Calcifications….Pages 313-322
Incidental Scrotal Findings at Imaging-2: Miscellaneous Benign Conditions….Pages 323-334
Nuclear Medicine Methods in Scrotal Imaging….Pages 335-341
Contrast Enhanced US of the Scrotum….Pages 343-352
Back Matter….Pages 353-363


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